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What is Maetrics

Maetrics brings solutions for the Energy Management, Smart Building and infrastructure to a new level. Its engineering and energy optimization are devoloped based on the sustainability of each deployment.
Maetrics is an IoT platform built upon the latest cutting-edge technologies, wich makes it easily scalable, customizable, and, of course, future-proof . The Maetrics architecture grants security and data segregation. The data are always available, The system is designed for managing an increasing number of connected devices and to handle high peaks of data transfer without affecting performance.
The communication through sensors unfolds a future framework where there will be no more need for a centralized Cloud, but it will be

possible to freely access the IoT network directly.
The main advantages of our management system are unlimited scalability, ability to manage the environment, low costs per transaction, fully integrated security, flexibility, and full integration with eterogeneus services.
The scalability and extreme versatility of our system make it the best solution for such sectors as smart building, energy monitoring, smart grid and industry 4.0.
Modern, narrow-band technologies are continuosly analyzed and tested by the R&D Department, for a ready response to the upcoming market of telecommunications.

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Energy Management System

The definition and management of a Corporate Energy Policy is the premise for systematic energy, economic and environmental savings.
Our Energy Management solution will enable real-time energy monitoring for both management initiatives and benchmark analysis.

  • Definition of baseline KPI
  • Real-time and period data disaggregation by site cluster
  • Correction  of inefficiencies in the use of systems
  • Calculation of CO2 emissions and environmental accounting
  • Integrability with M-Space and M-Building
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Building Management System

Our solution provides all the tools you need to gain intelligence into your buildings’ performance and grants you the ability to rapidly respond to any situation that may adversely affect energy costs and business performance.
Through 4things, it is possible to easily manage all the buildings and their subsystems (lighting, heating/cooling, security, etc…) from a single control point.

  • Distributed intelligence
  • Multi-site approach
  • Multi-protocol full integration
  • Compliance with regional regulations
  • Integrability with M-Space and M-Energy
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Occupancy Management System

Thanks to 3D thermal cams, ultrasound, infrared and other technologies, Maetrics will lead you through a surrounding space management experience for occupancy detection.
The occupancy management system, provides both hardware and software solutions for people counting and tracking within buildings, real time and statistical information can be provided to maximize space usage and energy employment, as well as to grant a high level of comfort and security.

  • Multi site architecture
  • Seamless wireless installation
  • Easily scalable
  • Integrability with M-Building and M-Energy
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