Energy Management System

Reduce energy waste and optimize your resources

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Energy Management System

Our system allows the reduction of energy wastes and makes it possible to increase awareness with respect to critical situations that lead to useless consumption increases.
Other benefits lay in the improvement of the operative efficiency, a reduction of the energy costs, and an optimization of the used equipment and of the operational costs.
All the collected data are seamlessly sent to the IoT platform making it easier for third party system integrators to fetch the data and allowing consultants to query the needed data.


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The definition and management of a corporate energy policy is the premise for systematically aiming at energy, economic and environmental savings: consumption mesurement is the means even law and regulatory provisions, technical specifications, and the consequent contract patterns have focused on this subject.
M-Energy can guide through the development of your energy strategy by its fully customizable structure.

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Unlimited KPI-math formulas can be freely implemented.

Data Disaggregation

Real-time and period data disaggregation by site clusters.


Identification of structured actions for energy efficiency enhancement, energy consumption, and cost reduction by site clusters.

Baseline Comparison

Balance of achieved savings with respect to the baseline (post-completion KPIs).


Correction of inefficiencies in system usage.

environmental accounting

Calculation of CO2 emissions and compliance with environmental accounting.

Our hardware purpose

M-Energy SNDL
Secure Net Data Logger (SNDL)

Reading and storing unit for values obtained from a dedicated device. Module attachable on a DIN 35-mm (EN60715) rail as per DIN 43880 standards.

  • Wi-fi connection
  • Ethernet connection
  • Modbus-RTU
  • Modbus-IP
  • Modbus-RTU / Modbus-IP Gateway
  • User Friendly web interface for configuration and data monitoring
  • Connection with up to 32 devices
M-Energy SEM
Smart Energy Meter (SEM)

In addition to values measured instantaneously, these tools store and display the maximum value of key parameters (highest peak and highest demand or highest average value). The EMM multimeters integrate into one tool the functions of voltmeters, ammeters, phasemeters, wattmeters, varmeters, frequency meters, energy meters, and hour meters. This enables considerable economic savings, as well as a reduction of bulk and cables, and a semplification of tool purchase and management, as one single model is fit for all local measurement needs in distribution boards, devices, etc.

  • Modbus-RTU
  • Modbus-IP
M-Energy sem96
Smart Energy Meter (SEM96)

The SEM-96 digital analyzer is able to very accurately display electrical measurements on its large color TFT screen. It allows you to also check the energy distribution network through energy consumption charts. Main features include high accuracy in value measurement, high expandibility, and a user-friendly graphical user interface.

  • Modbus-RTU
  • Modbus-IP
M-Energy TA
Amperometric transformers

Dedicated split-core and Rogowski current transformers, allow seamless installation and time-saving wiring activities.

4things iot

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