Manni Energy Maetrics

A company dedicated to a sustainable environment

Who are we

Manni Energy  – Maetrics comes into being within the Manni Group as an operating company, placing its main focus on smart solution engineering for energy management and building automation. A flair for the trends of the moment and an ability to use the latest technology make it possible for Maetrics to provide Cloud solutions and IoT platforms for an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as skills in the Real Estate, Large-scale Retail Trade, Industry, and Entertainment sectors.

What we do

In tandem with Manni Group,Manni Energy – Maetrics operates at the designing, hardware and software provider, and commissioning levels of the systems in all those situations where a normal BMS (Building Management System) would not be able to comply with the smart requirements typically used in the Manni Group solutions.

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