Space Management System

Manage your workspaces in a liquid way


Space Management System

M-Space is a hardware + software platform, developed for space usage detection in offices, libraries, movie theaters and so. Its wireless architecture, used especially in Central Europe, Northern Europe, and the United States, matches the application type requested, drastically cutting down installation costs and flexibility in future architecture variants.
Our devices can be installed under each single workstation, developing a cone-shaped detection area that can detect the presence of the user. Sensors (installable by means of a self-adhesive support or a little screw) may be equipped with appropriate lids to selectively limit the detection area. The detection devices communicate via Z-Wave with proper standard gateways wired and powered through the dedicated Ethernet network.

M-Space Dashboard

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Make your space liquid and more efficient

People counters for space occupancy detection, along with desk occupancy sensors, are enough to boost your space usage efficiency. Knowing how and spaces are used will help you analyze how to manage spaces and energy resources. Such tools have great value for facility managers and marketing departments.

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3D Detection

Room occupancy and overall building people count through 3d detection.

Modulated Lights

Use of MLI (Modulated Light Intensity) technology, according to building usage.

Private Network

Dedicated network for personal privacy.

HVAC Control

Heating and cooling setup according to occupancy stats.

Flow Analyses

People flow analysis within the building, through the IoT platform, providing historical and statistical data.

Aggregate KPIs

Occupancy data will be aggregated into the KPIs reported by a Dashboard for occupancy monitoring and analysis purposes.

Seamless Installation with wireless solutions

M-Space zipabox

Maetrics Zipabox is the next-generation automation controller that controls the occupancy status of your building. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors, and cabinets while also supporting hard wired connections of older electronic devices.

  • Home automation
  • Energy monitoring
  • Home remote control
  • Video surveillance and more…
  • Ethernet
  • Z-Wave (US or EU)
  • ZigBee (802.15.4) (optional)
M-Space Micromodule Switch Double
Zipato Micromodule Switch Double

Maetrics Zipato Micromodule Switch Double enables you to control the workstation or desk power supply. This small, hidden Z-Wave module installs in small places, and wires in between the switch/outlet and two connected loads.

  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Indoor range minimum 40 meters
  • Outdoor range 70 meters
M-Space Motion Sensor
PIR motion sensor

Presence detector PIR motion sensor offers elaborate security and environment sensing options. The multifunctional nature of this product allows you to detect motion, understanding the occupancy status of the environment.

  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Range up to a 30 meter line of sight in an unobstructed environment
  • Motion detection range up to 7 m
  • Motion dectection angle 110°
4things iot

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